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coming up at 5:00, it's back open. an east bay freeway shut down for hours after a deadly drive by shooting. we'll have the latest on the investigation. and he made it off the island. the teenage stow away who made it to hawaii, what may be next for the boy and his family. plus, win or go home. counting down to game seven between the golden state warriors and l.a. clippers. 4 . good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. diane dyer is off tonight. we start with breaking news in the east bay a deadly shooting had part of a freeway shut down. officers opening it to traffic again maybe 20 minutes ago. this happened in rich monday on the eastbound lanes of interstate 580. officers say a drive by shooting
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caused an suv to crash. nbc bay area's mark matthews joins us from richmond with more on the investigation. mark? >> reporter: terry, a little bit of good news for drivers. as you say the freeway opened 20 minutes ago. this has been a horrendous traffic day here in richmond. let me tell you about what the chp says happened. about 12:40 this afternoon, a blue ford suv was going eastbound an 580. it crashed into the fast lane and just before the regatta boulevard exit. the chp officers heading to that crash were on the way there when they got calls from cell phone callers saying that they had witnessed an unidentified vehicle shooting at this blue suv. and when they got to the scene, they found the suv flipped over. they found one occupant inside. a man. a young man. maybe in his 20s who had
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suffered a gunshot wound. at least one. he was dead. and there were other bullets in the blue suv. the chp shut down all of the eastbound lanes of 580 in order to collect evidence. and all of the traffic routed down on to cutting boulevard. the big problem with that is about an hour after the shooting, there was a pedestrian versus train accident at the railroad tracks and cutting boulevard. so traffic was snarled for four hours this afternoon. drivers were rerouted through town then back on to the freeway. finally it opened up about 20 minutes ago. the chp is handling the traffic mess. richmond police are handling the homicide investigation. we have another crew at richmond police headquarters at this hour waiting to speak with our watch commander about the very latest on the investigation. we will have that story coming up at 6:00. reporting from richmond, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> all right, thanks very much. also new at 5:00, a train
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has killed a man in richmond today. police say it happened near cutting boulevard about 1:45 this afternoon. according to officers, a man was walking near the railroad tracks when he was hit by an amtrak train. the crash investigation had streets shut down in that neighborhood. offices say a drugs and alcohol do not appear to be factors in the accident. developing news on president 15-year-old stowaway who hid in the wheel well of a maui bound flight out of san jose. he's back in california. nbc bay area's kimberly terry joins us from teenager's home in santa clara. >> reporter: authorities in hawaii confirmed to us that child is safe and off the island of maui, but there is no word yet on when he might actually return here to this santa clara home. his father reportedly flew out earlier this week to get his son, but sources tell us he is on a flight right now returning to the bay area alone. according to the "mercury news" on friday a judge apparently transferred the 15-year-old out of the custody of the hawaii
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department of human services and into the custody of santa clara county's department of family and children services. according to sources, a social worker likely escorted the teenager back to the south bay. on april 20th, federal officials say he climbed a fence and got on to the tarmac at san jose international airport then climbed into the wheel well of a hawaii airlines jet. he was found several hours later in maui's main airport and hospitalized for some breathing problems. that teen reportedly told federal officials he was running away from home and wanted to be reunited with his mother in somalia. the family has limited their interviews with the media but the teen's father did tell "voice of america" his son was always talking about going back to africa. he had just transferred to santa clara high school and according to his dad was having academic troubles. live in santa clara, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> kimberly, thanks very much. an oakland woman has been killed in a house fire. fire started this morning at a
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home on parker avenue just south of mills college. firefighters say they found the woman inside. she died at the scene. the cause of the fire is under investigation, but the firefighters say it does not look suspicious. >> we had two rooms fully engulfed. we had four engines. one truck. one battalion chief respond. engines pretty much went in, performed a quick aggressive fire attack. >> firefighters say that fire caused about $150,000 in damage. two homes burned in palo alto today, but several people and their pets were able to get out. firefighters got the call about noon. the fire on brian street quickly went to three alarms. fire officials say one of the homes burned to the ground. a daughter and friend were inside when that fire started but got out safely. an elderly woman and her two dogs were rescued from the sec home. the cause is under investigation. the warriors season coming
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down to just one game. in less than two hours they'll be facing off against the los angeles clippers in game seven. what can you say, what a way to wrap up a first playoff series. >> you know what, doesn't get any better than this. when the warriorss tip off thei first game seven in 37 years a boost in the middle, jermaine oneal suff oneal suited up. he suffered an injury thursday night in oracle. an mri showed no ligament damage. the big man ready to contribute as much as he can. mark jackson knows it's now up to his fellows to win one game and survive. >> we work every day, prepare every day for this moment, and now it's time as a coach to get out of the way. you remind them of some things, but you got to be hyped up for game seven. i don't want you on my team. >> very well said. warriors insider
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monte pool joins us live from staples center. monte, how much of an impact can we expect jermaine o'neal to make on the court tonight? >> reporter: honestly it's probably going to be more emotional than anything else. jermaine at the beginning of this series was in the starting lineup at center. volunteered to opt out after game three. and the team sped up its play by inserting draymond green instead of o'neal. with the knee injury, the minutes are going to be more limited. he's a big inspirational key for the team and made a number of speeches over the course of the season. he's the veteran guy in the locker room that lets the guys know how to get ready for the game. he'll have an impact even if he doesn't play a whole lot. >> real quick, what the one keep thing to a victory tonight at staples center? >> reporter: i think they have to start fast again. that's been the key. when they've got games they've
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gotten in the first quarter, came out of the first quarter with a tie or lead. that's what they'll do tonight. the crowd is going to be amped up. they smell victory. the clippers have become sort of america's team in the wake of the sterling controversy. it's big for the warriors to overcome that from the beginning. >> all right, monte, enjoy the game. thanks for joining us. coming up at 6:00, more on the warriors in game seven with the clips as well as giants and a's highlights. terry? >> taunk you very much. tonight's game, game seven, almost being overshadowed by what's going on off the court. we heard it during the report. the clippers owner donald sterling banned for life from the nba after racially charged comments. now the woman who made that recording is speaking out for first time and asked pointblank whether she believes donald sterling is a racist. brian mooar has the story. >> reporter: the woman at the center of the donald sterling scandal says she is convinced embattled owner of the laeos angeles clippers is not a racist. >> through his actions he's shown he's not a racist.
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through his actions, he's shown to be a very generous and kind man. if he was a real racist, then why would he help the world the way that he has? >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with barbara walters, stiviano describes herself as his wing man. she's better known as a woman who recorded a now infamous conversation with sterling in which he asked her not to post photos of herself with african-americans and not to bring african-american people to clippers games. it earned sterling a lifetime ban from basketball. stiviano, who's half african-american and half mexican, defends sterling, but she says he's made similar remarks in the past. >> i think he was brought up to believe those things. >> what things? >> segregation. >> uh-huh. >> whites and blacks. >> right. >> minorities. >> reporter: this coming week, nba owners will decide whether to force sterling to sell his team.
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a team whose playoff dreams have collided with a public relations nightmare that won't go away. brian mooar, nbc news. still to come, a special partnership between law students and a peninsula community. and what students need to learn that can't be taught in a classroom. also -- >> yeah, i knew my car was acting up but i'll do anything to get a job. >> the overwhelming response to a job fair in the east bay. that forced it to wrap up early. and we're seeing the weekend start off with a major cool down around the bay area. there you see those temperatures almost 20 degrees cooler at this hour. than just 24 hours ago. we have other changes which may bring a slight chance of showers to the forecast early next week. we'll take a look at that when we come right back. let's face it, most people don't know how to choose a new dentist. that's where we come in. we've helped over 8 million people find the right dentist, and we can do the same for you. call 1-800-dentist today. ♪
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some shaking in the east bay this afternoon. u.s. geological survey says a 2.7 magnitude earthquake struck about five miles southeast of livermore about noon. another quake, this one a 2.3 hit 20 minutes later. the usgs says a few dozen people in the area called to say that they felt it. no reports of damage or injuries. maximum capacity. the main reason why tesla had to shut down a popular job fair in the east bay today. hundreds of job seekers waited outside the tesla factory in fremont this morning. the job fair was suppose the to
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run from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. tesla announced on twitter it was wrapping up the event at 10:00 a.m. 2 hers after it started. a spokesperson told us the company decided to close today's job fair because all those people, so many people. clogging traffic. police were concerned something might go wrong. some people came all the way from mantixa to check it out. one woman's car broke down before she had a chance to drop off her resume. >> bepeople go through a lot to work out here. the circumstances people had to go through. i knew my car was acting up but i'll do anything to get a job. >> i was kind of disappointed. we can't go inside, you know, to meet the people. you know, i was expecting at least we could go inside to see what's going on inside. they will not allow you to go inside. i don't think that's fair for anybody, you know? >> all is not lost. tesla urges those who were unable to interview today to apply online. on the company's careers site. next, a special partnership
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on the peninsula between college students and residents. >> law is a real thing. it effects real people and real lives and real jobs. >> and the unique way a stanford law professor is turning real life struggles into teachable moments. it's part of our bay area proud series. ♪
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♪ [ barks ] whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ oh, yeah [ whistling ] [ male announcer ] discover your new orleans. start exploring at [ woman ] and i love new orleans!
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our bay area proud series tonight takes us to stanford,
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but not on campus. that's an important distinction because one law professor says what her students need to learn can't be taught in a classroom. nbc bay area's garvin thomas explains. >> reporter: if you have ever taken the university avenue exit off 101, you've likely discovered there is more than just a highway separating palo alto and east palo alto. at times, green lawns of stanford university to the west seem a world away from the working class streets to the east. except, that is, on this street, in this building. >> are you going to have had a chance to talk to the police officer? >> reporter: juliet brodie is a stanford law professor and director of the stanford community law clinic. quite intentionally located off of campus and east of 101. each quarter juliet takes on a team of law students who take on no other courses. they work here 9:00 to 5:00, sometimes more, representing
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residents of east palo alto who could otherwise never dream of hiring a lawyer. in the ten years the clinic has been up and running, they have represented 1,500 clients. never asking a penny in return. >> we joke that the clients, i mean, it's really no joke, but the clients of the clinic, they're lottery winners. i think that's totally legit. >> reporter: juliet closely supervises her students as they handle their clients' cases. evictions, backwages, criminal record expungements make up most of the case load. the students getting real life courtroom experience as lawyers. learning to deal with clients, judges, opposing counsel. but most of all, learning that the law is not just something written in a book. >> law is a real thing. it effects real people and real lives and real jobs and real apartments. >> it really is personally affecting someone's life. >> reporter: grace so took the course last semester. like many of her classmates, she will one day be arguing cases
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considered much bigger. what juliet wants all of them to remember, though, is that doesn't mean they are any more important. garvin thomas reporting. you can find more stories from our bay area proud series on our website, just go to meteorologist rob mayeda here now and it was a very nice day. not the heat we had earlier in the week but heck of a nice day, rob. >> nice to have the sunshine and not really sweat the moment you step outside. we had 80s and 90s for a couple days. even around the peninsula and into the north bay. today quite a difference. sea breeze on overdrive rifgt right now. emeryville, 65 degrees. looking off to the west, starting to see the low clouds spill back across the bay. sunshine in san francisco. cool 64. and the warmest temperature we're seeing right now up there around napa, close to 70. currently as that strong sea breeze continues. in fact, if you take the temperatures we're seeing outside right now toward santa rosa, 70. look at the 67 degrees in
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livermore. compare it to 24 hours ago, it's 20 degrees cooler. that's an amazing change in 24 hours. down toward san martin, too, you're seeing the big cool down. clearly the marine air has made its way into the inland valleys. winds will stay gusty from now until 8:00 tonight. 15 to 25 miles per hour. all the arrows pointing on shore which means the marine layer ramping up above 1,000 feet will bring in more low clouds tomorrow morning. not just the cool and breezy evening right now, but as we head into tomorrow morning, drizzle possible. some of those low clouds. you may wake up to misty skies early on sunday. the afternoon, we'll get sunshine again then high clouds spilling into the north bay late in the day as we track changes in the forecast especially for the north bay looks like as we two through monday. right now, sunny except we have a few high clouds drifting on by. around the south bay today, you've been watching thin, high serous clouds race by. we'll see the low clouds across the bay and fairly cool evening.
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notice the drizzle showing up in a few spots picked up on the coastal hilltops or perhaps around mt. hamilton. could see that for early tomorrow morning. then through sunday afternoon, partly cloudy skies. the system we're watching for the chance of seeing some showers mainly for the north bay or maybe some of those east bay valleys, late monday into tuesday, is the system you see right there. so by monday afternoon, around 3:00 or so, overnight, there's a slight chance of seeing a few of these showers. what the system will certainly do, though, is bring those temperatures town. you're seeing that in the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen there. temperatures cooling toward monday. here's a closer look at the system as we head toward monday afternoon. see some of those showers perhaps around the hill tops and napa county. what's left of the system drops in overnight tuesday. so maybe as you wake up tuesday morning, notice how things clear out in time for the tuesday morning commute. that's our best bet for seeing showers in the forecast late monday into early tuesday, mostly across the north bay hilltops or parts of the east bay. tomorrow, 71 degrees in san jose. peninsula, temperatures in the
5:22 pm
mid to upper 60s. san francisco, cool, highs in the low f 60s. fremont, 62. livermore, 72. picture perfect as we're watching the temperatures around the tri valley in the low to mid 7 0s. wine country festival looking great for sunday. temperatures nice and comfortable. through the weekend, temperatures holding steady and trending cooler as we approach monday. >> all right, rob, thanks very much. some call it the most exciting two minutes in sports. we're talking about the kentucky derby. today the 140th running. the california colt who blew away the competition and made history. we'll be back to tell you all about it and then cover the papi.
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announcer: the moment babies are born, their brains are forming the connections that determine how they learn...think...and grow. in the sky. [ babbles ] talk and read to your children from day one. this is tomato soup. announcer: their brains are actually developing with your every word. it's free, easy, and something you can do anytime. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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. the falcon chicks who hatched atop san jose city hall have identifying leg bands. the annual ritual requires a biologist to repel from the roof to the ledge to the bird's nest every year. the chick's parents flew over screeching angrily. didn't like the scene. didn't know exactly what his intentions were. the leg bands just don't identify the birds. it's how an expert determines their gender. the bigger the ankle bone, the more likely a chick is female. the chicks will start flying in a couple weeks. kind of interesting. then they'll move out and find their own homes. they couldn't touch them, folks. california colt who won one of the biggest horse races of the year. check out california, chrome, a three-year-old colt from uba city. the favorite. and it came through against 19 horses. total of 19 horses in today's race. after he won the santa anita derby and san felipe stakes. the colt joins as the exclusive club of champions.
5:26 pm
he's the fourth california horse to win in the derby's entire history. just the fourth. next triple crown race is the preakness may 17th. coming up, in the next half hour, the santa ana winds are at it again. signs pointing to a dangerous fire season in california. and other western states. also, the challenges for firefighters protecting lives and homes. plus, international outrage over a massive student kidnapping in nigeria. the search is on for 200 girls who were grabbed from their classrooms. coming up next, the social media campaign that is demanding their return. we take you out live right now to the oracle arena in oakland. tonight we're going to find out if the warriors are going to be coming back for another series at home. at the roracle. warriors/clippers going on. starting in about two hours. hour and a half from right now. we'll of course have highlights of all that for you tonight at 1 1:00. take a break right now, be right back.
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in just one day we can impact local non-profits in our communities. donate on may 6th. good evening, everyone, i'm terry mcsweeney. diane dwyer is off tonight. we continue to follow developing news. traffic moving on the 580 freeway after a deadly shooting. police say about 1:00 this afternoon witnesses saw someone shooting at a blue suv. when officers arrived at the scene, suv was flipped over as you see in the video. the driver inside was dead. shot at least once. richmond police are investigating the homicide. here's some of the other stories we're watch right now. the teenage stowaway is back in the south bay tonight. authorities in hawaii say the teenager is safe, but they're not saying when he will actually be back at a santa clara home. his father flew out earlier this week to hawaii. it's been nearly two weeks since the teenager hid out in the wheel well of a plane bound for
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hawaii. the 15-year-old survived sub zero temperatures during that five-hour flight. plus, win or go home. for the golden state warriors it's that schiimple. we have more of the game coming up in sports. a cool down in the bay area. live look at downtown san jose. it's a beautiful day. not hot but very, very nice out there. lots of sunshine. great day. meteorologist rob mayeda joining us with a first look at weather. >> the first look at weather looks cool compared to two days ago. 67 degrees in san jose and livermore. the drop-off we're seeing at the inland temperatures as much as almost 20 degrees cooler at this hour in livermore and san martin. areas inland really cooled down today. the marine layer thickened up throughout the afternoon. temperatures continue to drop as you can see, only 71 in campbell. just two days ago we were well into the 90s around the south bay santa clara location valleys. the peninsula, comfortably in

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